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frequently asked questions

Scription Publishers INC is an international publisher for open access and peer-reviewed journals with a wide range of journals in multiple disciplines like Science, Medicine, Technology, and Engineering with a broad scope. Scription Publishers INC aims to enhance academic excellence by serving the research community about recent and significant scientific discoveries and advanced knowledge.

Scription Publishers INC is an open-access publisher and it receives no funds from the public nor private sectors, hence Scription Publishers INC charges article publication charges from authors for publishing. The collected charges will be used to maintain the lifetime archives, article deposition for doi, and for article globalization.

Scription Publishers INC provides discounts on publishing charges based upon the funding criteria of authors and country of origin.

Registered members will be counted in Scription Publishers INC database and will be informed with timely updates and alerts of the journal.

In a certain case, Scription mail may be hit by spam filters where it can be eradicated by reporting Scription Publishers INC mail is “not spam” or “Not junk”.


Settings>Filters>Create new filter>From >Enter Scription email id>Next step>Never send it to spam>Create filter


Mail options>Filters>Add>Filter name>Sender>Contains>Enter Scription Publishers INC email id>Choose folder>Inbox>Save


Options>More options>Safe and blocked senders>Safe senders>Sender or domain to mark as safe>Enter Scription Publishers INC email id>Click on Add

Microsoft Outlook:

Menu>Tools>Options>Preferences>Junk E-mail>Safe senders tab>Add>Add address>enter Scription Publishers INC email id> Click on Ok

Apple Mail:

Menu>Preferences>Rules>Add rule>Name the rule>Create a rule “If any of the following conditions are met: ‘From’ ’Contains’” >Enter Scription Publishers INC email id


Address book>Personal address book>New contact>Enter Scription Publishers INC email id>ok>Account settings>Junk Settings> “Enable adaptive junk mail controls for this account” and “Personal Address book” >Click Ok


My settings>Approved senders>Approved domains>Enter Scription Publishers INC email id>Update approved domains

Scription Publishers INC publishes following types of articles: Research, Review, Case reports, Case Study, Technical reports, Editorials, Letters, Letter to editors, Commentaries, Short communications, Conference proceedings, Announcements, Rapid communications, Addendums, Book reviews, Concept papers, Abstracts, Graphical abstracts, Video Articles, Discussions, Errata, Project report, and Expression of concerns.

Yes, specific guidelines are listed to ensure the even and authenticate the process. Please go through the “Author Guidelines”, “Editor Guidelines” and “Reviewer Guidelines” in our website under the below link https://www.scriptionpublishers.com/editor-guidelines

Yes, Author’s Institute or University can pay on behalf of the author. Authors’ may even request to head the invoice to Institute or University.

Certainly, Authors are allowed to withdraw the article even after publication by submitting a note confirming the reasons on the same to the editorial office. A nominal fee is deducted if the article is withdrawn after publication.

The time frame usually depends upon the article quality and also the peer review process. After acceptance of the article from the editorial board, we publish the article within 5 to 7 working days.

Author instructions can be found on our website homepage under instructions. https://www.scriptionpublishers.com/author-guidelines

Scription Publishers INC is actively building individual sections. As of now, there are 25 journals under different subject areas which include Science, Technology, Engineering, Medicine and Mathematics. We work on wide range of areas in near future.

Yes, as it is an open access model, all article pages have a unique link where readers can download, and consequently share, PDFs of articles.

Authors can submit their article through our online portal through the below link: https://www.scriptionpublishers.com/publish Alternatively, through an email as an attachment to the editorial office to the following email id: info@scriptionspublishers.com

Yes, research articles that represent negative results are welcome at Scription Publishers INC.

Feel free to discuss any kind of queries related to guidelines related to journals and articles. Drop your query at email id: info@scriptionspublishers.com we will respond to the same within 24 to 48 hours.